louise barton
9th October 2005, 22:15
Hello, I stumbled across this website whilst researching a ship called Chuscal. My Granny launched this ship as her father was a director of Elders&Fyffes. I have photographs and a film of the launch itself. My Great Grandfathers name was John Alan Moore and my Grannys name Gillian Edkins. We also have original Fyffes books in which the launch is mentioned. Has anyone any furthur information on the boat or launch? Louise

9th October 2005, 22:35
Hello Louise and welcome to the site, I think you will be pleased with the responses you are going to get on your requests, the people on this site are very knowledgable and helpful.

fred henderson
9th October 2005, 22:55
Chuscal was the last of a quartet of ships built by Stephen's on the Clyde in 1961 for Elders & Fyffes for the Camaroon banana trade. They were specially designed to be able to clear the shallow bar at Tiki. In 1967 Camaroon became independent and the nationalistic efforts of the new Government gradually forced E&F out of the trade and she was too small for use in the Caribbean trades. In 1972 Chuscal was sold to Homeric Shiping Co of Panama, who renamed her Mardinia Packer, but two years later she was scrapped at Inverkiething.
Chuscal was designed to cope with the special requirements of a specific trade. When political pressures closed that trade to her, she was uneconomic in any other trade.


Bruce Carson
9th October 2005, 23:03
Welcome, Louise, to the group.
There's a good photograph of her on the Merchant Navy site:

Bruce C.

John Rogers
10th October 2005, 00:15
Bruce I checked the website and she sure was a pretty ship.

Doug Rogers
10th October 2005, 02:41
Welcome aboard, enjoy the site and all that it has to offer the members.

10th October 2005, 10:04
Welcome from Italy:nice ship CHUSCAL with her 3 sisters CHANGUINOLA-CHICANO and CHIRRIPO, the can take aboard 12 passengers.

louise barton
10th October 2005, 19:43
Many thanks for the information you gave me on Chuscal it was most interesting.

10th October 2005, 21:50
hi louise served on all four 1950s 1960s good clean ships and it was tiko not tiki allmost sure we did a trip to kingston on chuscal sure you will put me right tel.