Coaster visit records

14th December 2009, 16:22
Does anyone know if it is possible to find anywhere the name of and date that coasters visited a particular port. My interest is the harbour of Wells-next-the-Sea - 1960 to final days as a shipping port

ray bloomfield
14th December 2009, 20:04
Contact the harbour master, the office will have all the information you need.
Well used by the Sully vessels, Crescent shipping etc etc and numerous skipper owned, many a good night in the 'Fleece'.
Two or three of the old coaster skippers still live there.

ps. contact:- Mr. R G Smith (hbr master), Wells Hbr office, Old life boat Hse, West Quay, Well next the sea, NR231AT.

lets hope hes obliging.

7th July 2012, 20:51
i traded into wells with animal feed while skipper on helena/c many a good night was had in the fleece everbody very friendly i was good friend to able bros rgds skiboo bob angus .