Ocean Village 2

john g
15th December 2009, 14:06
She is now down in OZ anyone any idea how she is fairing in that market. Home port ? sailing to ?

fred henderson
15th December 2009, 17:20
Her new name is Pacific Jewel, she is based in Sydney, where she arrived on 10 December.

Fred (Thumb)

john g
24th December 2009, 13:47
Thanks Fred we always found the OV brand to be quite good be sad to see it go a good contrast with the P&O style

24th December 2009, 17:07
You can follow Pacific Jewel on her bridgecam...


(Pacific Sun & Dawn also have bridgecams fitted, we post their captures over at the cruise site, along with bridge/stern cams from around 20 companies fleets)

john strange
1st May 2010, 07:24
Yes she is down here in Oz now and with a lot of fan fare. She was 'relaunched' with her new name by the govenor general in Sydney harbour. Her claim to fame now she is the only ship withan active circus on board. But lika all P&O cruise ships she is not new, a cruide ship with another company in a previous life as is Pacific Dawn on which P&O have just spent 290 million in an upgrade.
But here is an interesting fact. In our days of the great liners there was a ratio of about 56 crew per 100 bloods. On modern cruise ships it is about 35 crew to 100 bloods.

22nd June 2010, 19:27
Circus on board a ship, Amazing!! what will they think of next