John Tremelling
20th December 2009, 14:33
Gentlemen of Elders, I am trying to find a Troop Ship which my now ageing father trooped on to Nigeria in 1948. He recalls it as Elder Dempsters 'Almara'.
I did not know that Elder Dempsters ran troopers, but he insists that it was a trooper, not a Cargo Passenger. Any ideas please?


John Tremelling

20th December 2009, 23:41
Elders never had a ship called 'Almara' and they didn't do any trooping, at least not in 1948.
However, let me make a few enquiries, which may take a few days, to see what I can find out.


John Tremelling
21st December 2009, 19:21
That is kind of you Derek. I shall also continue to search myself but with your greater expertise I doubt that I will find anything which you do not.

John T