William Robertson's (Glasgow) Gem Line

24th December 2009, 00:09
For anyone with an interest in the coasting trade, a new publication has just come out from John & Marion Clarkson, covering the history and fleet of the above Company. It has been authored by Roy Fenton, in conjunction with one of the Founder's present-day descendants, and it is of the usual high quality associated with Fenton/Clarkson publications. Looking forward to perusing over the holidays !

24th December 2009, 03:35
Would love a copy as I spent a few very interesting years sailing with them and still have guests in hoots of laughter with my experiences and tales of the happenings there.
Many memorable characters that will forever remain with me. (including your Dad)

24th December 2009, 07:31
Well worth the very moderate investment, Lakercapt, it is very well presented and contains the usual high quality ship photographs. Yes, my late Father would have enjoyed browsing through it. He joined their 1935-built M.V. Sapphire in the summer of 1937 and, apart from a few years deep sea and his Admiralty service in WWII, he was with the Gem Line until retiremnent in 1983, 35 of his 46 years at sea spent as Master with Wm. Robertson.

24th December 2009, 22:06
I shall have to look out for that book Eriskay. Like Lakercaptain I sailed with your Dad on the Emerald and Amethyst. Good little ships, good crews and good grub from what I can remember.


1st January 2010, 17:23
Thanks for the information Eriskay...knew someone was compiling the history of the Company. I trust that your father "Hurricane Dan" rated a special mention as he was an incredible seafarer and a highly respected Master.

1st January 2010, 18:03
As it happens, yes, he gets a wee mention, and had he survived he would have been mortified - he was not one to seek attention, au contraire! I'm still trying to get the time to work my way through the book, but very happy that the story was done whilst there were still those around who could do it.

Angus Mac Kinnon : Son of 'Hurricane Dan'

Pat McCardle
1st January 2010, 19:32
Are you any relation of Malcolm MacKinnon, another master with Stevies

1st January 2010, 19:56
Not that I know of, Pat, certainly not immediate family, but might well be distantly related. Is he from the Isle of Barra by any chance?

Pat McCardle
1st January 2010, 21:26
Glasgow, I believe Angus. I last saw him when he was in Sunderland on Emerald mid 80's.

1st January 2010, 21:58
Can anybody tell me where I can obtain a copy of the book.
I sailed with Captain Carmichael on the Citrine way back in 1953.

1st January 2010, 22:48
As mentioned in the opening message, the book on William Robertson's Gem LIne is published by the Ships In Focus people, i.e.

John & Marion Clarkson

18, Franklands,
Preston PR4 5PD
United Kingdom

Captain Carmichael was a well-respected Company man who, I think, was later Shore Super.