mary b michel

14th October 2005, 22:40
Does anybody know anything about the Mary b michel.I remember my grandmother had a large painting of her.And she said my grandfather was first mate on her.I think she traded between liverpool and Irland I think she was a schooner. Thanks John.

Jan Hendrik
11th January 2006, 09:47
Must be Mary B Mitchell
Could this be the one???:

Official Number: 97575
Master: Captain D. Davies
Rigging: steel, 3 masts, Schooner; 1 deck; 1 cemented bulkhead
Tonnage: 227 tons gross, 210 under deck and 195 net
Dimensions: 129.7 feet long, 24.4 foot beam and holds 10.8 feet deep;
Quarter Deck 25 feet; Forecastle 10 feet
Construction: 1892, P. Rodgers & Co. in Carrickfergus
Owners: Rt. Hon. Baron Penrhyn (O.T. Jones, manager)
Port of registry: Beaumaris

Hereby some sites:
there is a pendrawing of her.
she is mentioned here one third down the page.

You can also purchase a copy of a picture/drawing at:

Further you may also find something on the site of GLS-Downward Bound

Hopefully you now have enough information to fill a rainy Sunday

19th December 2011, 17:11
hi there john e, if your still around i live in kirkcudbright and am very close to what remains of the mary b mitchel "not much" she is on the rocks just a mile or two down the road from me.the anchor still sits at kirkcudbright harbour.i to was interested in this ship for her fame in the early 1930s film mary celleste.i have much more info and photos if your interested

King Ratt
19th December 2011, 18:53
Hi Kram. Try googling Mary B Mitchell. The whole story is there in Wikipedia including her three encounters with German U boats.
You can still find bits of her along Senwick woods.

19th December 2011, 19:12
Here is a fuzzy picture of a model I made of MARY B. MITCHELL a few years back before I got a good digital camera.
Model is no longer in my possession!

19th December 2011, 19:23
Hi Kram. Try googling Mary B Mitchell. The whole story is there in Wikipedia including her three encounters with German U boats.
You can still find bits of her along Senwick woods.

cheers for that king rat,
but i was just replying for john e .i took a walk down to the old senwick kirk yard last summer to find her quite an idilyic spot.maby you could help iv been looking for more wrecks along our coast that can be seen on low tide as i do a bit of photography.already have the zuluand monrieth.

7th January 2012, 03:59
now we have two wikipedia articles - It has split - one about the a pleasure craft, a war hero, a working schooner, a film star and a transporter of essential cargoes in dangerous waters.

the other about her as a Q-ship

btw - a nice model

8th March 2020, 23:44

Sorry for dragging up an old post but I'm hoping someone here can help. My grandad Patrick (Paddy) Byrne was one of the crew who survived Mary B Mitchell running aground in Kirkcudbright.

Ironically it ran aground on the 15th December which is the date my sister and I were born almost 40 years later.

We understand at the time he gave an interview to a newspaper and we are trying to source the article from that time. My grandad now has a form of dementia and his once beautiful mind is not what it was but happily for us and him on his somewhat lucid days hes back on deck or working on the docks in dublin.

Appreciate any pointers.

The Byrne Family

King Ratt
9th March 2020, 15:29
Hello Fitzbyrne. I posted before regarding the Mary B Mitchell however here is the article from our (Kirkcudbright) Lifeboat story.

1944 Dec 15. Aux.schooner “Mary B Mitchell” of Dublin.
Captain Brannon: 133 ton net with a cargo of 300 tons burnt ore bound from Dublin to Silloth. In a S.Ely gale, the schooner got into difficulties and was drifting towards the Bar (estuary bar in Kirkcudbright Bay). The severe conditions made it impossible for the R.A.F. To launch a boat from Gibhill (an RAF base at that time). The lifeboat was launched at 8.30 pm. A quarterbof an hour later she was alongside the casualty which was quite near the boathouse. The crew of eight were taken off and brought up to Kirkcudbright. When the lifeboat was taken down river the next morning to be rehoused, it was found that the casualty had drifted right across the bay to become a wreck on the Senwick shore.
The lifeboat was RNLB Morison Watson, George Parkhill was coxswain.
As mentioned previously, the ship’s anchor is sitting on the fisherman’s green at Kirkcudbright harbour.
The newspaper that may perhaps have your info will be the Galloway News. Email is
[email protected]

Hope this is of help


9th March 2020, 15:41
Thank you so much that's really helpful. I'll email the newspaper and see if we can get copies of any clippings from that time.