Castel Felice ex Kenya

19th January 2010, 17:41
I travelled on the Castel Felice from Auckland to Southampton in 1960. Apart from knowing that she had sailed under many names including the British India Line- Kenya, does anyone know what eventually happened to her?

19th January 2010, 19:11
From "The Ships List" .com

KENYA / HYDRA / KEREN / FAIRSTONE / CASTEL FELICE 1930 12,150 gross tons, length 493ft x beam 64.3ft (150.3m x 19.6m), one funnel, one mast, twin screw, service speed 16 knots. Accommodation for 596-cabin and 944-3rd class passengers. Built by Stephen, Glasgow as the 9,890 gross ton KENYA for the British India Steam Navigation Co, she was launched on 27th Aug.1930 and was put onto the Bombay to Durban service. In 1940 she became a troopship and was later refitted as an infantry landing vessel. Renamed HYDRA in 1941 and renamed KEREN later the same year. In Apr.1946 she was sold to the Ministry of Transport and in Aug.1948 was laid up in Holy Loch. Stranded after breaking adrift in a gale in Feb.1949, she was refloated and repaired at Glasgow, renamed KENYA and sold to the Alva SS Co, London. Laid up at Glasgow, renamed KEREN and then KENYA again in the same year. In 1950 she was registered in Panama for the Alva SS Co (a subsidiary of Sitmar Line) and renamed FAIRSTONE. Again renamed KENYA in June 1950, registered in Italy by Sitmar Line in Oct.1950 and in Mar.1951 was renamed KEREN and sent to Antwerp for rebuilding. She proceeded to Genoa for further rebuilding in Aug.1951 and emerged in 1952 as the 12,150 gross ton CASTEL FELICE with accommodation for 1,400 single class passsengers. She left Genoa on 6th Oct.1952 on her first voyage to Sydney and was then used on the Genoa - South America service. On 13th Jul.1954 she started her first Bremerhaven - Quebec voyage and in 1955 she was refitted at Genoa to 12,478 gross tons and to carry 28-1st and 1,173-tourist class passengers. On 6th Apr.1958 she commenced her first Southampton - Sydney sailing and in 1968 was transferred to the ownership of Passenger Liner Service Inc, Panama (Sitmar), but continued on the same route. She arrived at Taiwan on 21st Oct.1970 to be scrapped. [Great Passenger Ships of the World, vol.5 by Arnold Kludas]

21st January 2010, 11:49
Thank you, Lksimcoe, for your reply. What a history that ship had! We sailed to NZ on the Rangitiki & encountered some very, very rough weather which the 'tiki could handle but coming back from NZ the sea was like a millpond all the way. We were limited to about 13knots for the entire voyage as, on the outward journey, a prop was fouled & bent in the Suez Canal & vibration started above 14 knots. I always doubted that the Castel Felice would be very good in bad weather.
Thanks for all your information.

27th May 2010, 16:51
I also sailed on the Castil Felice.out ward journey,from Southampton 5 -11-62.on route to West Austraila.She docked at Aden,she looked so small beside all the other liners.but she got us safely to WA,despite a bit of sea sickness,i enjoyed the voyage,Thanks for the information,i often thought what her fate was..