17th October 2005, 13:46
I would like to thank all information on the 'Ripon'. Been ill for some time and trying to catch up. Thanks again, Robert (Applause)

17th October 2005, 14:15
RIPON ,built 1956 by Lithgows Ltd 10731 g.t. sister of REDCAR all two O/carriers for the North Yorkshire Shipping Co Ltd machinery Rowan /doxford type Diesel engine 4500 H.p. If ifind i put a shot of her!!!!

17th October 2005, 15:47
Ahoy Robert,

Glad you're back after that illness, did you had this one? (

Baltic Wal
17th October 2005, 16:57
Served on RIPON as my last voyage as Apprentice. N Yorkshire had 4 ore carriers, RIBBLEHEAD, RIEVAULX and REDCAR, although similar each had an identifiable difference. My first ship the RIBBLEHEAD twice on the RIEVAULX but avoided the REDCAR

14th November 2005, 21:16
Hi Baltic Wal. You were right to avoid the Redcar. Around 1960 or thereabouts, the engineers persuaded the Chief Mate that the apprentices should operate the ballast system in port - much more complicated than on the other three ore carriers. Oil and water don't mix and we hadn't got a clue. We only did it once - it was a disaster. Incidentally, Sir Frederic Bolton died a couple of months ago. I have posted a pic of Ripon in her eventual role as a big barge in Santurce. Also a small sketch by Philip Mawson -a third mate around 1957.