Caribbean Endeavour

Jeff Egan
18th October 2005, 15:21
I am looking for a picture of the Caribbean Endeavour built I think in Hamburg and managed by Common Brothers of Newcastle in early 1970s. Anybody help?

18th October 2005, 23:34

I can't find any photographs of the ship as CARIBBEAN ENDEAVOUR, or any of her subsequent names ...... yet!

CARRIBEAN ENDEAVOUR - RoRo - built J J Siestas Schiffswert, Hamburg - 07/1971
Renamed ARISTEFS 00/1979
Renamed SUCRE 00/1981
Renamed CARIBE TRADER 00/1985
Renamed BABY I 00/2000
Scrapped 19/10/2000

dave beaumont
20th October 2005, 14:38
I have two pictures of her as caribe trader. I served on her in Sept 71 as catering boy.Did you serve on her?

Jeff Egan
20th October 2005, 16:15
I was on her from 18th May to 7th November 1973 as second mate. I joined in Hamburg and paid off in Miami. We had two main runs during that time. We started off a run between St John New Brunswick to St Johns Newfoundland with trailer homes and cars. Then after a drydock in Smiths, North Shields we started a run from Miami to Honduras and Guatemala. The crew by then were all from the Caribbean. Could you possibly post your pictures of her as I have none at all.

dave beaumont
23rd October 2005, 14:14
Posted pictures. Hope bring back memories Jeff. First time scanning so dont no why they came out small? Any ideas, Dave

Jeff Egan
23rd October 2005, 15:21
Thanks, try looking into your settings on your scanner.

Jeff Egan
23rd October 2005, 18:05
When i was on the Caribbean Endeavour, she had a grey hull and the structure over the deck forward of the accomadation was not there so she has a totally different look about her.

11th June 2007, 03:44
I sailed on the Caribbean Endeavour Sep 1974 to Feb 1975 joined her in Miami and did regular runs to Barrios in Guatemala, i remember one night we picked up the crew of a burning yacht just off Havana, the skipper, his daughter, her boyfriend, a Doberman pincer and a Kinkajoo monkey, a couple of days later the monkey thanked me by pissing all over me while sitting on my shoulder.

16th February 2008, 20:33
I sailed on the CE 21/9/71 (Hull) to 3/3/72 (New York) as EDH.
Started off running from Trieste to Lebanon etc, but soon diverted to New York/Miami to Dominican Republic and Kingston Jamaica.
I've been trying to find a photo of her in her original guise but without success.

27th February 2012, 20:58
and greece and cypres