19th October 2005, 14:06
As a waterfront lover from childhood off and allways been looking at all kind of ships, I think I will see a lot on this site. Now a day I live in Goes, Zeeland, the Netherlands, with Rotterdam, Europort and Antwerp, the Scheldt, in the neighbourghood, where I, since I posseses a digital camera, take pictures of all kind of intresting ships passing by.
Jan van der Pluijm

david smith
19th October 2005, 14:29
welcome Jan - and enjoy the site

19th October 2005, 16:34
Ahoy Jan,
[in Dutch]
Hartelijk Welkom, ik hoop dat je het hier naar je zin hebt, wij in ieder geval wel.
Wij kijken uit naar jouw oude & nieuwe foto's.
[in English]
A warm welcome here on this forum, hope you enjoy it as we do.
Looking forward to see your old & new pics.

steve Coombs
19th October 2005, 21:55

Its an ecellent forum

19th October 2005, 22:48
A warm welcome to the site Jan, I hope you share some of your many digital photos with us.

Harry C
20th October 2005, 21:12
Hello Jan,

Welcome on SN. Looking forward to your photo's.

Harry C.