6th February 2010, 04:44
Wondering whether anyone out there has any info on the coaster Themsleigh, I was 2nd mate on board in 1953 ! I believe that she may have been the ex Holdernene but I'm not sure. The company had one other vessel, the Satco Prefect.

ted nutt
6th February 2010, 13:46
Afternoon,Jacktar found the following;built by C Rennoldson,Shields #169 for R Hughes&Co L,pool as Joffre Rose ON137458 180.3x28.2 715g
1920 sold to O.H.Donnelly&R.Leeson l,pool
1921 sold to R.Hughes L,pool
1934 Owners became R.Hughes&Co(Liverpool)Ltd
1947 sold to Holderness S.S Co Hull RE Holdernene
1952 sold to Tyson,Edgar Shppg Hull Re Themsleigh 1955 B/U

6th February 2010, 16:01
Hi Ted,
Many thanks for the info....remember well the "TES" on the funnel.