Captain Peter Davidson

7th February 2010, 14:06
Captain Peter Davidson from Wark, Northumberland crossed the bar this past week.

Peter grew up in the Gulf with his family as his dad was a pilot for a Sheikh and when he retired and moved back to Wark into the house next to us Peter & I became good friends.

He joined Shell as a deck cadet and I went off with Houlders as an engineer cadet and although we took different paths we would meet up and hang out when back on leave.

I have many good memories of Peter and I am sure many of you Shell guys know of and remember him as well.

Sister Eleff
7th February 2010, 21:45
I didn't know Peter but please pass condolences to his family.

8th February 2010, 12:27
So very sorry to hear that sad news.

I sailed with Captain Davidson, but cannot remember which ship. Do you know if he sailed as master on the Halia in 1984/85? My deepest condolences to his family.

8th February 2010, 19:22
Sorry to hear about he passing of Captain Peter Davidson (Shell Master).
Roy, the Captain Davidson you are thinking of is Dougie Davidson who is now retired and living in Corby. I heard from him at Christmas.

Best Regards

9th February 2010, 07:57
You are right Keith. Still think I sailed with him though.

Marinejockey, how old was Peter when he passed away?

10th February 2010, 10:08
I believe Peter would be about 55. I am not sure but I believe he was not promoted to captain until the mid 90's.

His family came from Wark in Northumberland and when his dad retired from being a pilot in the Gulf they moved back. They bought the house directly behind ours and when Peter got married he bought a house down the end of the street.

His mother still lives in the same house and although she is 82 she makes sure my parents are OK in the bad weather. Peter also had a younger brother & sister.

I remember him as just being a real nice guy.

10th February 2010, 10:51
Marinejockey. Thanks for that information.

I actually sailed with Peter on the Shell tanker Eulota in 1988 when he was C/O and I was 2/O. I was promoted on board as his relief, so I had a damn fine handover. The Eulota was not your "normal" Shell tanker and although I had already sailed on the sister ship Eulima I learned a lot from Peter.

You are so right, he was a really nice person and a good C/O. We were carrying complicated multigrade lube oil cargoes with lots of small parcels being loaded at various ports in Europe and discharged at weird and wonderful places on the South American coast. His cargo plans, paperwork and record keeping was so spot on that when we had similar orders when I was C/O, I was able to refer back to these to aid my stowage, loading/discharge plans.

Jeepers, 55 is no age at all and I would be extremely grateful if you could pass on my deepest condolences to his family and let them know I have very fond memories of the time I sailed with Peter. Many thanks.

ray laws
10th August 2010, 00:57
I think Peter was the Ch Off when I was on the Eulota in 88 working the west coast of Sth America. A gentleman. Ironically I've just spent a week in Wark, Northumberland with the grandkids.If it is the same Peter and I'm sure it is very sorry to hear of his passing.
Ray Laws