Swansea to Cork

steve Coombs
20th October 2005, 10:53
I will be travelling on the Swansea to Cork Ferry in a few days,has anyone any info on her?


20th October 2005, 12:42

Swansea Cork Ferries is an Irish based company, which, as its name implies, operates between Swansea and Cork. The Swansea Cork SUPERFERRY is a former Japanese car ferry.
SUPERFERRY has all the normal facilities on board - bars, restaurants, cinema and kiddies playroom etc. Outbound from Swansea, en suite cabins are available at an extra charge or Pullman seats are available free of charge! Hey, I should be on commission!

Follow this link for some pictures and details of SUPERFERRY. (Thumb)


p.s. Remember your sea sickness tablets, or whatever works for you!

20th October 2005, 17:00
..the only thing that used to work for me (as a passenger mind!!) on this stretch donkeys-years ago was out of a bottle with a John Power label. Aunty Delia in Rochestown would ignore the stale whiskey breath, ply me with bacon & eggs and a hefty shot of Paddy then pack me off to West Cork....those were the days, bejaze!! (Thumb)

20th October 2005, 17:12
Aer Lingus do a great flight from Cork back to the UK, nice wee drop of tea and a sticky bun. (just in case you know!!) (*))

steve Coombs
21st October 2005, 13:19
ill be trying Guiness or Whisky or Both.
Thanks for the info etc.

Take care Steve

21st October 2005, 13:48

We expect a full report of the crossing .... don't be too graphic! (Thumb)