Hello from NZ

21st October 2005, 04:52
Hi All

Ex Union Steam Ship Company and Holm company, early 1970's
Ngahere, Kaimiro, Kaituna, Marama, Holmburn (Holm Shipping)

Capt Pierpoint was marine superintendent at USSCo

Ex charter skipper, Auckland harbour.

21st October 2005, 05:27
Hello Steve
I was on Ngahere and Kaituna 70's. When were you on these boxes and what rating ?

21st October 2005, 09:08
Welcome to the site Steve, I hope you enjoy it.

21st October 2005, 09:37
Ahoy Steve,

Welcome aboard of this fine ship and her crew, hope you enjoy it as we do.

21st October 2005, 10:20
Think you will get lots out of this site - welcome. I got an application form for Union SS of NZ in 1972 when I was out there with Shaw Savill - didn't take it up though! Wonder what would have happened if I had?

21st October 2005, 11:19
Hi Steve. Give my love to Auckland harbour. Spent three wonderful years there in the 1960s working at a hospital in Cornwall Park next to Greenlane now long since gone. Spent many a long hour on my days off sailing and fishing going over to Waiheke Island with an entire beach to myself and of course watching the ships with loads of passenger and cargo liners in those days unlike cruise ships nowadays which I understand only call during your summer(except perhaps for Sydney based ships) rather than all the year round during the line voyage era?. David Cole