Orange Star

21st October 2005, 13:56 (
25 december 2004 I spotted the Orange Star on the Waterweg going out . It was a former Blue Star Reefer, but I lost the information when I changed computers. I think it was the Tasmania Star. Who helps?
best regards
Jan van der Pluijm

21st October 2005, 14:28

There are several ORANGE STARs. The one you are looking for is now trading as a fruit juice carrier.


ex-Fife (1984)
ex-Andalucia Star (1975)
Flag: Liberia
Callsign ELFS7
GRT: 9.981
LOA: 155.81
Owner: Adriatic Reefer
Manager: Atlanship
Builder: Smith's Dock Ltd. - South Bank, Middlesbrough
Keel Laid: 21/06/1974
Launched: 14/01/1975
Completed: 06/1975

Bob S
21st October 2005, 14:57
ORANGE STAR seen at the Port of New Jersey during September 2002.

21st October 2005, 18:04
Thanks Gulpers for helping me to find back th original name and her data's.
And Bob is n't she a beauty.
Jan van der Pluijm

21st October 2005, 22:58

You are welcome. We are all here to help each other! (Thumb)

22nd October 2005, 20:35
Saw her whilst serving on the Canterbury Star near Tampa. No 4 lower tweens have been converted to workshops and stainless steel tanks built into the other hatches. Concentrated orange juice is a very strong acid!!!!!
They are a good looking set of ships which as stated above are 30years old. Mind you Blue Star ships always looked good