John Welch

23rd October 2005, 11:58
I am new to the forums and need a bit of guidance. I am trying to get into the "Other Companies/Ships" forum in "Ships and Shipping" and am being asked to 'Register to view this forum'. How do I proceed?


23rd October 2005, 15:55
Welcome John to SN, someone will come up with the answer.

23rd October 2005, 23:15
Welcome to the site John, as you have now already made a post I would have thought that you have already registered, have you tried accessing the forum since you made the above post?

23rd October 2005, 23:19
John I've just had a look at that forum and you are right it is not available. It will need someone from Admin to answer your question.

24th October 2005, 08:58
Thanks for your quick reply, I will try and get in touch with admin

25th October 2005, 07:13
Welcome aboard, John. The reason you can't view the "Other Companies/Ships" Forum is because there's nothing in it to view. Once a post is made in there, you'll be able to see it.