SSA passenger service and cruising schedules

3rd March 2010, 19:23
I note from various correspondents to other Shaw Savill threads that some of you have kept copies of Shaw Savill schedules. I am trying to piece together the ports of call and dates etc for the first 3 scheduled voyages of Aranda between March and Nov 1969, OM for her voyage and cruises between late Oct 1971 and Apr 1972, northern summer cruise schedules for Northern Star from July to October 1973, Ocean Monarch for the Summer of 1974, and Northern Star again for the summer of 1975. I would be very grateful for any help in this matter.

I sailed with Shaw Savill and Crusader line between January 1959 and June 1976 - Cadet to Chief Officer. My real name is Andrew Hooper and I remember some of you from those years: Malcolm Scanlan, Grifmar ( Phil ), Gadgee ( Paul ), etc. Best regards to all former shipmates. Malcolm I note that you live next door in BC. I now live in Calgary. Jackie says she remembers Geraldine helping her with some minor medical problem when she sailed with me during the cruising season.


John Crossland
3rd March 2010, 22:53
Hi Andrew,

I sailed in Aranda from 16 Mar 1970 30 Oct 1970, as Deck Cadet.

27 Mar 1970 Dep No.108 Berth New Docks Southampton,
Las Palmas, Capetown, Durban, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney,
Auckland, Opua, Auckland, Wellington, Rarotonga, Papeete, Balboa,
Willemstad, Port of Spain, Ponta Delgarda, London No.5 KGV 27 Jun 1970

14 Jul 1970 Dep No.5 KGV London, Las Palmas, Capetown,
Durban, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Bluff, Wellington,
Auckland, Rarotonga, Papeete, Balboa, Willemstad, Port of Spain,
Ponta Delgarda, Southampton No.108 Berth New Docks 16 Oct 1970

If you require dates for intermediate ports, I may have them buried in the attic somewhere. J

I did a Pacific Island Cruise as 3rd Mate in OceanMonarch 04-18 December 1973.

1000 04 Dec 1973 Joined OceanMonarch as 3rd Mate Auckland Princes Wharf East
1100 05 Dec 1973 Depart Auckland for Sydney
0747 08 Dec 09 1113 No.7 Berth Wooloomooloo, Sydney
0958 13 Dec 14 1800 West Quay, Lautoka
0802 15 Dec 15 1700 Kings Wharf, Suva
0716 18 Dec 1973 Arrive Princes Wharf East, Auckland
1400 18 Dec 1973 Proceeded on leave.

4th March 2010, 23:44
Thank you John. What you posted is exactly the sort of info I'm looking for. Unfortunately your trips in Aranda and OM were not the ones I require but thanks for your kind response.

Best regards


John Crossland
5th March 2010, 02:52
Oooops sorry Andrew, that'll teach me to read the original post more thoroughly (Jester)

5th March 2010, 10:59
Hi Andrew

Northern Star August to October 73 from my diary:-

Left Southampton 11 Aug
Arr La Coruna 13 Aug left 14 Aug
Arr Ponta Delgada 16 Aug left 16 Aug
Arr Madeira 18 Aug left 19 Aug
Arr Casablanca 20 Aug left 20 Aug
Arr Gib 21 Aug left 21 Aug
Arr Soton 24 Aug left 25 Aug
Arr Madeira 28 Aug left 30 Aug
Arr LasPalmas 31 Aug left 31 Aug
Arr Lanzarote 1 Sep left 1 Sep
Arr Agadir 3 Sep left 3 Sep
Arr Vigo 5 Sep left 5 Sep
Arr Soton 7 Sep left 8 Sep
Arr Iraklion 14 Sep left 14 Sep
Arr Rhodes 15 Sep left 15 Sep
Arr Piraeus 16 Sep left 17 Sep
Arr Ceuta 20 Sep left 20 Sep
Arr Soton 23 Sep left 23 Sep
Arr Madeira 26 Sep left 27 Sep
Arr Teneriffe 28 Sep left 28 Sep
Arr Lanzarote 29 Sep left 29 Sep
Arr Lisbon 1 Oct left 2 Oct
Arr Soton 4 Oct left 5 Oct
Arr Malaga 8 Oct left 8 Oct
Arr Venice 12 Oct left 13 Oct
Arr Corfu 14 Oct left 14 Oct
Arr Gib 17 Oct left 17 Oct
Arr Soton 20 Oct

8th March 2010, 09:30
Last year the School of Navigation, Warsash had a reunion. One of the people who travelled the greatest distance was Andrew, our former Chief Cadet Captain. Seven of our term made it and , apart from some loss of hair, we all look remarkably well for men who have not seen each other since 1958. The Shaw Savill reunion is in Bristol at the end of the month and I will take copies of his enquiry to the dinner and AGM.