HMCS Saguenay -- Leading Seaman Hugh Taylor (1920-2005)

24th October 2005, 19:01
HMCS Saguenay -- Leading Seaman Hugh Taylor (1920-2005)

Newspaper 'obituaries' often reveal extraordinary tales about extraordinary people. In this case, not only about (Chief petty officer) Hugh Taylor but about the heroic efforts of the crew of HMCS Saguenay as she steamed about 300 kilometres off the coast of Ireland in 1940-- so if anyone is interested I recommend going to the "Toronto" Globe & Mail -- October 24, 2005 web siteas follows:

....and to read something about the seagoing exploits of a recently deceased "sailor from Canada" and the tale of the demise of his warship, HMCS Saguenay -- struck by a torpedo, launched from the Italian submarine Argo, striking her port side at 3:55 a.m. on Dec. 1, 1940 -- it is really a tale worthy of reading and retelling.

David in Montreal
PS: If the "co-ords" don't take you directly to the "obit", please log into the G&M site:, and search for Hugh Taylor.

20th June 2010, 02:37
My dad W. B. (Bennie) Hirst was an ERA in her that trip, survived, and ended up in "Windflower" lost by collision 07/12/42 again survived, finished the war in "Unganda", as a C2ER4 service #21642-H, lost him 27/12/01

Cheers Dumah, (Tom Hirst)
Halifax, NS

20th June 2010, 12:08
There are a number of sailors from the Saguenay buried in my home town.
Some years ago i posted pics of their final resting places to the Canadian Navy Magazine