On Bord - MSC Magnifica

8th March 2010, 09:52
on Saturday was the baptism of the MSC Magnifica in Hamburg. Schiffgiganten was on Bord for the baptism. We have make a lot of photos. The vessel is beautifully. The MSC Magnifica is my new favorite ship. That was my best day.

I upload the picture in this board from the baptism of the MSC Magnifica in the next days, because I have a stomach flu.

The picture from the restaurants, press conference, wellness rooms etc. find you here:
Baptism from the ship MSC Magnifica. (http://www.schiffgiganten.de/schiffe/kreuzfahrtschiffe/msc/magnifica.html)


8th March 2010, 15:36
Thank you Patrick for the photographs.