david smith
26th October 2005, 15:29
Can anyone please give me any details on this reefer Anonacore seen at Cardiff 1972/3 It was not one of the Cunard reefers, but is seen with Salenrederierna colours.
Follows Maritime Fruit Carriers naming - ending in "core"

26th October 2005, 16:27
dont know this vessel but was on the Guavacore for about 14 months from new built in Oslo Norway it was under German flag but was owned by an Israeli Company called Maritime fruit of Haifa Israel we had two Captains onboard and two chief engs one each for Germany and one each for Isreal !!!
great ship and enjoyed my time onboard sorry cant help you with your ship but it definitly was one of Maritime fruits ships,all there ships were named after fruit like the lemoncore etc ( core means in hebrew cold so they were all reefer ships)

regards Pat

2nd November 2005, 18:11
Hi David,


Just joined and your your query
I photographed this vessel in Southampton in 1973 : details follow

launched : A/S Nylands Akers M/V, Oslo, 27:11:1969, deld : 03:1970
for Maritime Fruit Carriers. (Salenrederierna, mgrs.)

74 > Anona (DEU) - Intermare K.G. K.S. Kuhlschiff GmbH (Christian F. Ahrenkiel)
88 > Venture Reefer (MLT) - Sunset Shipping Co.Ltd.,
88 > Kassos Reefer (GRC) - Mota Cia. Nav. S. A. (Transcontinental Maritime & Trading S.A.)
91 > Chios Reefer (GRC) - Ancon Cia. Armadora S.A. (Diana Shipping Services S.A.)

sold breakers, arrived Alang : 01:08:1994

best wishes, Allan

david smith
2nd November 2005, 18:22
Thanks Alan and welcome to the site! There are many questions asked and always someone with the answers!

Doug Rogers
3rd November 2005, 05:26
Welcome Alan, good to have you aboard and enjoy the site.

3rd November 2005, 11:08
Welcome on board Alan enjoy the site, we do.