Happy birthday Canberra

16th March 2010, 06:54
50 years ago today on 16th March 1960 she took to the water at Belfast. Launched by Dame Pattie Menzies wife of the Australian Premier.

Michael Broughton
17th March 2010, 15:48
I was'nt there at the launch, or on the maiden voyage, but I remember the launch very well. The film of the launch was a fixture on every film show during my three years on GBVC as 2nd RO from 1963 to 1966.
Thanks for the reminder of a great ship

Mike B

18th March 2010, 04:45
Thanks for the reminder Paul, I know where I was on that day, like many other boys from East Belfast on the truancy list from school.
Many boys on their bikes joined the Shipyard workers on their daily bicycle grind to the Yard, most of the boys had to vere off into Victoria Park as tickets to the Launch were like hens teeth.
The view from most areas of VP was not great but it was still a great event

2nd April 2010, 17:02
16th March 1960, I was working at Vauxhall Motors, Luton, Beds. I left and Joined the M.N. and later did the maiden Voyage on the Canberra as Bell Boy and Tourist Winger.

I'm an old git now living in the sunshine!

Bob Sendall