Directory Use

S. Toth
16th March 2010, 23:16
Hello, first off let me just say I am relatively new to this site. There is a wealth of knowledge here, and the members are fantastic. I do not know were to post this thread so I figured here was probably the best choice.

I was searching around the directory today, but I still have questions on the use of it. Is there a list of ships and there history's, I just glanced through it and wanted to know what it is basically. From the short reading I did it is a awesome page! Please I do not want to seem stupid or the likes just was wondering on how it all worked?

Thank You, Steve Toth

16th March 2010, 23:56
Steve (and other interested parties):

The Directory is intended to be a place to house information that will be of interest over a long period of time - rather like an online encyclopaedia produced by our members. Information is arranged in categories - shipping companies, World War 2 etc. and entries may appear in more than one category.

Having clicked on the Directory tab at the top of any SN page there are two main ways of finding entries.

1. Browsing

Click Here ( and you will get to the top level of the Categories, From there you can click on the various categories to find out what is there and find your way around by trial and error. You can always go back if you reach a dead end.

2. Searching

If you want to find if an specific item you are interested in is in the Directory you can use the Search tool which is located on the left hand side of the Directory page. Type in the item - e.g. Nelson, and you will be given a list of articles with that term in it.

Finallly I have put direct links to some of the most popular sections on the Directory Home Page and you can access them by clicking on them - e.g.

Information Sources: This takes you to a page of llinks to other sites with interesting or useful information to aid research
Nautical Terms: This is a developing resource containing explanation of nautical terms that has been constructed from information provided by SN members
Shipping Companies: Takes you to links to specific shipping companies from which you can read articles about a company and its shipsContributions are welcome from all members and there are help pages giving advice on how to construct entries. The site Moderators will try and help anyone having problems with constructing articles. Myself, Fred Henderson and Steve Woodward are probably the most experienced if anyone wants help.

S. Toth
17th March 2010, 01:34
Thanks, is there any specific list of ships, and a history of them?

18th March 2010, 00:01
No - you have to either look at a company or search on a specific ship. Most of the entries for ships will contain a history of them. It all depends if one of our members has provided one - and please feel free to contribute if you think you can fill a gap.