Chief Stewards - Grocers -

20th March 2010, 18:03
Can any of you Diamond D worthies out there remember a CS from Liverpool - no doubt there are many but, there is always a but, This particular lad always took a Hornby model of the Duchess of Montrose with him and he had it on his desk - I think he worshipped it....because if you ever went into his offfice for anything...fags or booze he would never let us Engineers touch it

Also there was a great wee lad from Galalshiels who was always planning out his next DIY Job on his next leave...

And Finally not a CS but an RO - Dirty Berty from near Forfar...

Malky Glaister
22nd March 2010, 12:14
Hi Doug,
Don't know the CS but I would have remembered his Hornby loco!
That's trainspotting for you!
regards, Malky Glaister