tom ahern
22nd March 2010, 11:08
Hi everyone. my name is Tom Ahern.
My main interest is merchant shipping.
My grandfather was a merchant mariner and his father before him.
My grandfather was aboard SS Ardmore in 1917 when torpedoed by U95.
Most of crew lost but grandfather and 8 others survived.
My wife's grandfather also a mariner on SS Upupa.
Lost with all hands off Ballycotton 1903.
We and all our ancestors from Cork Ireland.
Does anyone have information on either ship ?

Regards Tom

22nd March 2010, 11:12
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

tom ahern
22nd March 2010, 11:41
Thanks for the welcome billyboy.Appreciate it.

K urgess
22nd March 2010, 12:15
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Tom.
You could try the Miramar site.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

bert thompson
22nd March 2010, 18:35
Tim welcome to this great site and hope you soon get results to your query
Best wishes

22nd March 2010, 19:47
Greetings Tom and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

22nd March 2010, 20:26
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.

tom ahern
23rd March 2010, 09:41
Hi Brian,
Thanks for your greeting. I am sure that we will be in contact in the future,

Regards Tom.

tom ahern
24th March 2010, 09:35
Thanks to Bert,to marconi and to senior member R58484956 for your kind greetings.
I am still finding my way around but sure that i will be in touch over the coming months.
thanks once again,

24th March 2010, 19:24
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

Alistair Macnab
24th March 2010, 20:04
I once sailed with a Thomas Aherne in Bank Line. He was the radio officer but I am hazy about the ship. Any relation?

tom ahern
25th March 2010, 08:42
Hi Alistair,
All my nautical connections were on my Mothers side of the family. They were great grandfather Henry Murphy who sailed on ships out of Cork in middle to late 1800's. One of which was SS Louise in 1897.
My Grandfather Thomas Murphy who sailed from late 1890's to end of WW1.
His brothers also but I do not know their names as yet. Finally my Wife's Grandfather Thomas Bird who was quartermaster aboard SS Upupa which foundered at sea with all hands in 1903.
I am not aware of any relatives with the Ahern surname as being mariners but I am constructing our family trees and may yet find some. I have been engaged on this project for some six months now and still have lots to uncover.
Many thanks for your communication.

ted nutt
25th March 2010, 10:17
Tom morning,from Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast by E.J.Bourke.Upupa blt 1871 in Jarrow for City of Cork S.S.Lost at Ballycotton Cardiff-Cork with coal.Ship driven ashore after engine failure during a hurricane.Capt Kearney and all hands lost.Ted

ted nutt
25th March 2010, 11:43
Further too last msg,Upapa blt by Palmers SB&iron #269 O.N.58558 compound engine 230.8x28.3,sailed from Cardiff 15/1/1903
Ardmore blt by Caledon SB&Eng Co,Dundee #206 O.N.128301 for City of Cork Steam Packet Co,Cork.Triple exp eng,260.1x36.0
13/11/1917 Torpedoed and sunk by U 95(Athalwin Prinz) 13mls WSW of Conningbeg Lt/VL on voyage London-Cork,general cargo.
Regards Ted.

tom ahern
26th March 2010, 08:04
Hello and many thanks for the information Ted. I had some of it already and i have a full account of the sinking of SS Ardmore including mention of my grandfather and the part he played in it. There are not many references to the SS Upupa just a brief account of how she foundered when off Ballycotton head. When next I go to Cork ( in Summer ) I will visit the newspaper Archives in the public library and should be able to get the full story.
Nice speaking to you,
Regards Tom.

8th February 2012, 17:48
Just as an addendum to the Lloyd's List report re: loss of the Upupa, in Jan 1903: a message in a bottle from one of the ship's crew washed ashore and was found at Ballyandreen (around the corner, west of Ballycotton), reported in Lloyd's List of 27 Jan 1903. Message was addressed to "Mrs Murphy, of Ballintemple, near Cork," and stated that "the steamer was fast sinking, and that the signals of distress which the crew made to another steamer were left unheeded. Part of the message is of a private nature." (Usually messages "of a private nature" from a distressed or shipwrecked sailor at that time were about sending last farewells, etc. to their family.)

Jo R
1st March 2013, 17:58
Hi Tom, Hope you're still around. My Great, Great Grandfather; Capt. Nicholas Kearney was the master of the Upupa when she foundered in January 1903. I have copies of various reports from Lloyd's List and from the Cork Examiner and you can find the wreck report online at this address:

1st March 2013, 18:23
Jo R,

On behalf of the SN Moderators, a warm welcome aboard from the Isle of Anglesey!
Thank you for taking the time to try to answer Tom's query although, unfortunately, he as not been back on-line since 2010. (Sad)
Anyway, you will thoroughly enjoy your time on SN and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership. (Thumb)