Annual Reunion

Chris Isaac
22nd March 2010, 13:25
The 2010 reunion will be held in Southampton on Sunday 16 May.

Any old B&C staff who wish to attend please PM me and I will supply further details.

23rd March 2010, 02:17
Thanks for the notification Chris - maybe see you there ... I'll PM you when I have consulted the diary - and the oracle !!!

Chris Isaac
23rd March 2010, 09:36
You can take the Oracle with you!
My Oracle refuses to attend as she has the strange impression that the day will comprise nothing else but a load of old farts chuntering on about ships, drinking beer and watch very old films of ships........ trouble is, she is right!

23rd March 2010, 18:04
Chris No; 1 post made me interested, then along came No;3 post, so now I am not so sure, an afternoon talking ships and drinking must be OK.

Chris Isaac
23rd March 2010, 18:44
That's why I don't take her!