ss croupier GY271

John Boyd
22nd March 2010, 16:23
does any one have any information on my grand fatherThomas Clark who was lost at sea 1921 when steam trawler SS Croupier foundered off Iceland , I would like any photos of the vessel and crew . Thanks

K urgess
22nd March 2010, 16:59
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, John.
I'm sure someone will be along soon that can help or point you in the right direction.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

bert thompson
22nd March 2010, 18:19
Welcome John. Sure you will enjoy this great site and soon get the information you seek
Best wishes

22nd March 2010, 23:13
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22nd March 2010, 23:19
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22nd March 2010, 23:20
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22nd March 2010, 23:21
John Please Find

Built: 1914. Builders: Cochrane & Sons, Selby. Yard No: 605. Launched: Tuesday 9th June 1914. Completed: 1914. Registered: July 1914. Gross Tons: 302. Nett Tons: 159. Length: 135.2 feet. Beam: 23.5 feet. Draught: 12.3 feet. Quarterdeck: 74 feet. Forecastle: 21 feet. Official Number: 136993. Original Owners: Anchor Steam Fishing Co. Ltd, Grimsby.
Fate: Ran aground at Iceland on Tuesday 1st of February 1921.

23rd March 2010, 10:44
Greetings John and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

26th April 2014, 18:10
Hello John Boyd,

My grandfather was also lost on the Croupier that fateful day and I have some information on the crew and an extract from an Icelandic book detailing the rescue attempt at the time. If you email me at [email protected] then maybe we can share the information together. From the information I have, your grandfather must have been T Clark who was 43 at the time and lived at 67 Bridge Street South.
I will look at the info I have in various folders and put it all together to send as an attachment


Steve Hogg