Looking for ship mates(Tyne area)

Reginald Perry DeCamp
26th March 2010, 03:42
I was fortunate to have met two wonderful engineers who joined the ship i was on in Halifax Nova Scotia,the year was 75 or 76 when they signed on as 1st.&2nd.Engs.The Ch.name was Bill the second i remember very fondly his name is John same as my late father and a very down to earth guy, i remember he told me as a toddler he was injured in the blitz.People listen up i was taught well by these two gentlemen and nothing but praise for (Applause)them.The ship's name was MV LADY SCOTIA before that she was the LADY GRANIA. Before Bill and John signed off ,for what reason i do not know,they spoke highly of me to the owners of said ship and i was promoted to Ch.eng. What more a lad of 26yrs.old from a village now (incorporated with the city called Georgetown Guyana) can ask for. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart hope to meet again someday. PS. Hi to all my ship mates on the Oceanic 1 Midnight 2 and Oceanic 2.

26th March 2010, 07:06
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

bert thompson
26th March 2010, 09:15
Reginald welcome to this great site
Best wishes

26th March 2010, 15:39
Greetings Reg and a warm welcome to SN from the south coast of England. Bon voyage.

Reginald Perry DeCamp
28th March 2010, 02:20
Thank you guys for the warm welcome,and as for you Billy,glad to have you back. Regards Reggie.

28th March 2010, 06:40
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage