david smith
28th October 2005, 10:43
The Europa Freezer, ex Andania, ex Glasgow Clipper at anch in the Black Sea. Built 1972 7,742gt. (not the best of pictures!)

28th October 2005, 15:47
..there you go, Dave, tarted 'er up for ya!!

29th October 2005, 01:18

Any idea when the picture was taken ? I was on her in '77 and we went
to Constanza (amongst other places).


david smith
29th October 2005, 11:51
I believe this picture was taken in February 1982 at Novorosissyk anchorage in the Black Sea.

James MacDonald
10th April 2006, 20:33
I dont think thats the Andania of the mid 60s ,for she had a raised poop & no 3 hold was a jungle of topping lifts & guys .She also had winch islands between the hatches if my memory serves me right.
regards Jim

11th April 2006, 11:28
It's not the ANDANIA of the mid 60s. See the first post in the thread and all will be revealed!!
Cunard had four of these former "Clipper" class ships - ALAUNIA, ALSATIA, ANDANIA and ANDRIA. They were acquired (along with other larger reefers) from Maritime Fruit Carriers when that concern had their garage sale.