Moelfre lifeboat song.

28th March 2010, 23:32
I found this on the internet. It's by a local band - carreg ddu (Black Stones) and is about the 'Nafsiporos' rescue that earned Dick Evans a well deserved Gold medal.

Being a Holyhead lad and ex lifeboat crewman (ion the Trearrdur Bay ILB), I hasten to add that Holyhead also played a huge part in this rescue, although they get no mention.


29th March 2010, 05:21
pretty good tune that jonty, how u doin??
all the best

29th March 2010, 06:06
In 1973, I won the Sayer's Painting Contest which was themed on rescue at sea with special emphasis on the RNLI. My painting was of a lifeboat just after launching, driving into fearsome waves with a distant flare burning in the night sky. I titled it "A Flare For Rescue". Unfortunately, the poster was never returned to me, even though Mr. Sayer had promised it.

My prize was a cassette recorder and I am very proud to say that the presentation was from the hands of Coxswain Dick Evans! My Dad, brother and myself chatted for quite a while with him and found him to be a very kindly, modest and soft spoken gentleman. Knowing that my Dad and Grandfather were ex-Blue Flue, he spoke very highly of the company and encouraged me to go to sea - Which I did.

In the photo, Dick Evans, my brother Neil and myself, David Rogers (in my St. George's School, Wallasey, uniform). We were the only ones to receive the RNLI guide. I later went to tea with the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Nothing however compared to meeting Dick Evans. I remember vividly my Dad whispering to me,"Look at his hands, son!". You can just make them out in the photo, nut brown, thick, strong and wrinkled. The true hands of a sailor.
Great on you Jonty, you have stirred up a very pleasurable memory!(Applause)


29th March 2010, 22:06
Here is Dick Evan's obituary from the Telegraph:


29th March 2010, 22:26
Fine Hughsey - and yourself?

The song has (cough, cough) caught a bit of flak from members of my home town forum.....I am being reminded that Holyhead was also out that night with a Lifeboat Inspector making up the crew!

It's is a good sog - glad it pleased many.


29th March 2010, 22:32
Dick's obituary makes plenty of mention of the Holyhead lifeboat being present during the rescue!
Thanks again Jonty, I have put the picture into Member's Faces. My mother has the original cutting. A few years back though, she presented me with an album containing photos from throughout my life. Some are VERY embarrassing, others are very special!

29th March 2010, 23:42
One to treasure, Dave.
A REAL true hero, he was, and a figure to be admired by all today.
And I bet he never spat on a football pitch or took a dive in a penalty area.

3rd April 2010, 18:51

A true local was dick Evans, like most lifeboatmen I met when I was in the sercice. Selfless, unassuming lads who were teachers, waiters, a crane driver, a hairdresser, the local shop keeper - none professional seamen but all good hands in a boat.