I'm back

29th March 2010, 11:11
Hi everybody! I'm an old/new subscriber: as a matter of fact I used to login simply as "Piero" till two- threee years ago; then I suffered some problems in internet connections that cut me out from the forum for several months, plus different reasons of work that non allowed to me available time to come back.
I hope to find again many of the old timers; anyway hello everibody! (*))

29th March 2010, 11:14
Welcome back Piero. look forward to your postings

29th March 2010, 11:15

welcome back. I lot has happened since your last visit. Hope you enjoy the new site updates.

K urgess
29th March 2010, 12:05
Since dual accounts are discouraged please contact Admin via the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page to have your two accounts merged.

29th March 2010, 12:18
Welcome back Piero43, Bon voyage.