Blue Star Casualty

28th October 2005, 17:51

whilst travelling through the red sea in the sixties we passed a Blue Star Line casualty. It was I believe a post war vessel and she was being towed northward with what appeared to be a elderly Hadj vessel firmly imbedded in her starboard bow at an angle of about 30 - 50 degrees. It was obviously to risky to seperate them.

I have been trying for years to trace some details. the incident would have been during one of the five periods below.

May/June 1963 Sep/Oct 1963
Jan/Feb 1965 Apr May 1965 Aug/Sep 1965

If anybody could throw some light on this incident ie name of vessels, including tug, involved - dates - fate -anything it would quench my curiosity
and I will die happy, not to soon though.

Many thanks


28th October 2005, 21:28
Ask in this site Nigel. Ken.

30th October 2005, 11:01
Hi Ken

thanks for pointing to the Blue Star site - got the information I wanted. If anybody is interested it was the Fremantle Star (2) and the Egyptian pilgrim vessel Mecca and it happen on the 5.5.65. Newspaper details on the Blue Star site under Fremantle Star (2)

thanks once again