Mawashi Al Gasseem

Jan Hendrik
29th October 2005, 01:14
Livestock carrier ex Kuwaiti Owners now arrested in Port Adelaide more than half a year.
Unpaid debts of around USD 600,000.- in fuel and another USD 400,000.- in salaries to the mainly Philippino crew caused the arrest by the Admirality Marshall in Adelaide.

This vessel can carry around 100,000 sheep and as such is one of the largest livestock carriers of its kind.
She is now sitting in Port Adelaide and has a "for sale" sign attached.

Built by Hitachi Shipbuilding as "Lynda" back in 1973, thereafter converted by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan in 1983.

GRT 30.435 loa: 184 metres beam: 34 metres.

Mark Taxis
29th October 2005, 14:42
The non payment of crews is a blight on our industry, these owners / managers should be tracked down and jailed. The crews get paid little enough as it is.

Frank L
25th November 2005, 03:01
My comany is one of the creditors who chose to ride this through the storm in the hope of having our $130,000 debt paid.
Consideration needs to be made to the other innocent businesses and companies who have suffered a financial loss supplying this vessel with goods and services.
It's not just the crew who sufferred by being abandoned.
The media claims that crew were reduced to eating fishheads which is media hype and untrue.
My employer provided tons of food whilst vessel was in Port Adelaide even though we were owed so much. Eventually of course, support was covered by the Australian taxpayer through the Federal Court who took responsibility some 6 months after being stranded by owners to ensure vessel received diesel fuel and other goods.
The sale I believe was for 7.5mil so I would imagine the Gov took first bite of the proceeds.

The vessel has now departed after passing survey to continue it's somewhat coloured proffession of transporting live sheep.

Jan Hendrik
25th November 2005, 03:50
Good to note that they finally got a solution.
I think I know the company you are working for as I have been in contact whilst working for my company, also we were involved with sales of goods, although not on a direct basis as I could not accept the terms at the time.
Anyway I hope you got out alright and thanks for the story.
What happened to the crewmembers? Did they get employed by the new Owners or were they paid and left to go home?

Frank L
30th November 2005, 05:20
Most crew were shipped home not long after government intervened having been promised that pay would follow.
Those that stayed I suppose werenít prepared to trust the Aussie gov.
Capt Roman is still Master and a part new crew was on board.
We had some GMDSS equipment to service, a flag change from Kuwait to Panama and the NKK Radio Survey to carry out and with a new crew, who knew less about the vessel than we did, hampered us by escorting us to wrong places and locking every door we came to. Ship Security gone mad. Donít the world know that terrorists own their own ships?
He was very happy that this happened in Australia and all the aid he received from Maritime Union and others including my company would not have been forthcoming in some third world port.

Vessel left with part cargo of 17,000 sheep for Fremantle last Thursday 24th Nov.