apollo(Norway) and Xai-Xai(Portugal)

1st April 2010, 11:37
Any info on history of the following coastal ships would be appreciated.Thanks.

ms Apollo 950 grt, Tw screw , built 1961? flag Norway ( I saw her Nov 1971)

ms Xai Xai 350 grt ,built Netherlands?? flag Portugal aground and lost
Portuguese East Africa

ted nutt
14th April 2010, 08:47
Morning Bluefish,found this in M News Oct 72,Apollo(borgsund-69,Stokksund-66),951/61-m.v By alfred Sorensen Partrederi,to Sorholm Shipping A/S,both Norway.Could this be your ship.Ted

16th April 2010, 09:41
Thanks Mr.Nutt. A Stokksund's photo in shipspotting shows the vessel. I'm searching Lloyds pre 1955 about the old coaster Xai Xai, used in Portuguese Africa and stranded in S Africa waters. I think she was a Holland built vessel, but a old friend told me that some ex british LCT craft were rebuilt /converted to general cargo and employed as coastal vessel in overseas territories. I imagine a LCT en route from UK to lisbon in Biscay waters or the 4000/5500 mile voyage to Angola or Mozambique!

ted nutt
17th April 2010, 09:15
Morning Bluefish,the Apollo was renamed Josephine in 1978 and sank24/12/79 off Puntarenas,Costa Rica.09 05N 84 32W after engine room leakages.Ted