Yelta - tugboat

Jan Hendrik
29th October 2005, 08:09
Built in 1949 and currently preserved in the Port of Adelaide by the Maritime Museum.

She was fully restored in 1985 , for some further particulars :

photos: Oct. 2005

Bob S
29th October 2005, 15:31
Nice photo's Jan, do you know the name of the sailing vessel back along the quay? She looks very similar to the UK registered brig ASTRID.

Jan Hendrik
29th October 2005, 16:57
Bob, this is the tall ship ONE AND ALL, and I will post the story on Tall Ships as soon as I have a moment.
She has a permanent berth in Adelaide and this particular day there was a celebration of her 20 years fixed mooring place on that quay side, and guess what: I happened to be there on that particular day and the associated beer festival was quite nice too.....
Which hotel you ask me? I cannot remember........just be happy I remembered the name of the ship.....

29th October 2005, 22:36
Thanks for sharing that one with us Jan. great to see preserved tugs operating with the dignity they deserve