Scabby Rat
2nd April 2010, 20:01
I served in most of the Sir Galahad class of Logistic Landing Ships as they were known. At that time they were operated by British India line before the "auxie" navy took them.

I was part of the Military crew which embarked side carried rafts, slung pannier style on either side of the ship. Our job was launching them, shipping engines and gear then doing the usual beach landing business, interesting but hardly inspiring.

Oddly enough I learnt my trade in the Army and had no trouble getting my Steering Ticket, LifeboatmansTicket and my A/B,s ticket on leaving Military Service, so, thank you "Daft and Barmy".

7th April 2010, 14:24
You can call yourself "Scabby Rat", but the corporals running Mexes were some of the people I admired most! In Falklands days they kept the cargo moving in often atrocious conditions -- no wheelhouses and windscreen wipers for them. AND constantly buggered about! Remember towing a Mexe behind Sir Geraint round south of the F.I. A hairy event, but the RCT guys took it in their stride, tucked up in the wendyhouse.
Hats off to you all. Not sure about "auxie" navy though.