Gummed Paper Strip

4th April 2010, 14:06
Hello All

Anyone know of a tutorial for skinning hulls with gummed paper strip?

4th April 2010, 15:18
I've done it, without any tutorial. Frames, stringers, gummed paper, then thin cyanoacrylate painted on top with a cotton wad (done outside in a bit of wind); and finally plastic padding.
Another, better, paper hull can be made with a negative mould in plasticine and strips of porous paper glued on with the help of a stiff brush and PVA glue (liquid white sticky wood glue) diluted with 40% water. I've done a number of lifeboats and vent cowls that way. With Cyanoacrylate or Epoxy on top it's solid enough for RC.

4th April 2010, 21:06
Thanks Stein. It's for a short hull Destroyer Escort at 1:96 so the Papier Mache method should do alright.