Painting a model boat

8th April 2010, 23:36
I am presently building a static model of a typical Irish sea collier based loosley on the SS Margaret Lockington. I am coming to that phase of the scheme when painting becomes a consideration. Any advice from experienced modellers would be welcome on matters such as: what colour the accommodation, the decks, hatch coamings etc. this is the first scratch built model that I have attempated so it is a learning exercise. Any advice would be greatfully received.

9th April 2010, 10:37
Don't know anything about paint schemes for Irish sea colliers, but I will take the opportunity to warn against using too clear colours. Early models of mine looks too much like plastic toys, while too little grey was mixed into the colours.

9th April 2010, 12:32
I've found it best to paint any akward bits or the edges where two colours come together before adding them to the model saves a lot off fiddly work later on