WW1 uniform & insignia?

9th April 2010, 14:27
My great-grandfather served with P&O as a 6th Engineer during 1916-1919. The vessels he served on included RMS Caledonia (1916), HMHS Sicilia (1916-1917) and HMT Malwa (1917-1919).

I have recently obtained the attached photo, which I am told is of my great-grandfather (standing) and his brother (sitting). I would like to learn more about the uniform and insignia that they are wearing, with a view to learning more about their service and the photo itself.

As I understand it, the cap badge of my great-grandfather could be that of HM Transport Service, rather than of the P&O Steam Navigation Company. Can anyone tell me if this is consistent with his service on HMT Malwa?

If so, were crew members then seen as members of HM Transport Service or employees of P&O, or...?

Also, can anyone tell me about the insignia of his brother, my great-uncle?

Generally, I would be interested to know of any sources of information regarding uniform and insignia of P&O and HM Transport Service during WW1?

Any insights shall be appreciated!

10th April 2010, 17:22

Hi, The 'Rising Sun' cap badge (sitting in first picture and enlarged in third) is certainly P&O, the other isn't and might well be HMTS.
Incidently I was 3rd Officer on a much later 'Malwa' in 1962.
Sorry not to be more useful.

11th April 2010, 08:02
Thank you...