Pictures of 1852 and 1860 ship reliefs

20th April 2010, 15:51
I have these two and can't find any information about them. Can anyone identify what these 'officially' are, so that I can narrow my research further?
Many thanks for your help!

20th April 2010, 16:57
Presumably both designed by Naval Architect T D Wells? Or at least for the same company. What do the two panels on the right 'say'?
I cannot make out the wording of the ship model builders. Clippers .... & Others.

20th April 2010, 16:58
Just worked it out ... Paddlesteamers ....

K urgess
20th April 2010, 18:08
I have something similair hung next to my computer here.
According to my local auction house's valuer (a good friend) these are produced on the Indian sub-continent by the lorry load.
I certainly haven't found any reference to the naval architect mentioned on mine but I'm not worried since it only cost me 3.60 on eBAy.
The ones pictured seem very familiar and I seem to remember seeing them in the sort of shops you got in Florida shopping malls in the 70s.