Elizabeth Anne 1

Jan Hendrik
1st November 2005, 06:45
This small vessel takes tourists around on the river Yarra in Melbourne and seats about 12 passengers.
She was built in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1993.
Yet the engine is a lot older. It came from the U.S. Navy which had it built in Mare Island, near Fransisco, back in 1918.
It is a vertical marine engine with two cylinders which is wood burned and for which Australian red gum is used.
During a one hour trip she uses about 10 kilos wood and on one of the photos you can see the wood stacked up alongside the banks of the river.
Pictures taken 1st Nov, 2005.

Doug Rogers
1st November 2005, 07:47
Nice one Jan, I have seen her from a distance, fair while ago now, but never been on board...may have to rectify that soon I think!!.