help to pick a cruise

peter lewis
1st November 2005, 17:29
i would like to pick the brains of the members who go cruising my wife as decided that she would like to go on a cruise in april for our 25th wedding anniversary would any off you out there have any help or favourite companys i should have a look at look forward to your replys thanks peter (Thumb)

Paul UK
1st November 2005, 18:31

do you want traditional or hectic and where do you want to go.
How long and I suppose budget will come in to it.

Also it is not just shipping companies but the ships within the same company.

Paul (Thumb)

peter lewis
1st November 2005, 18:49
the med is our prefered destinaition and definatlynot hectic only just started looking an amazing amount of offers out there looking for 2 weeks in april hoping to join and pay off in the uk

1st November 2005, 19:05

A very good friend of mine, did a couple of weeks ago, a 8 days journey, with the Costa Europa, started in Amsterdam en ended up in Italy, was very charmed of this trip, and not too expensive.Good food/service and lots of cities to visit.
But sure you will find one, depending the $$$,style,company,ship.

Jeff Egan
1st November 2005, 19:17
If you join and leave in the UK a good percentage of your Holiday would be taken up outside the Med in possibly iffy weather in April. A better choice would be to fly to the eastern Med cruise and fly back.

John Rogers
1st November 2005, 23:23
Well I just returned from a 12 day cruise on the Zaandam, Holland American,did Aruba Curacao,Panama,and Costa Rica, liked it so much I booked the Alaskan cruise on the Volendam today for May 2006. You could book a cheap flight to the states and pick up a 12 or 7 day cruise here in the states,the exchange rate is good for people your side of the pond.

2nd November 2005, 00:55
Have a Look at Saga. They have two lovely old traditional Ex Cunard ships that sail out of Dover and do runs around the Meddy.

Paul UK
2nd November 2005, 09:16
Hi Peter

Avoid the cheap and cheerfulls out of Palma Thompson, Ocean Village etc.

Maybe QE2 fast enough to get to the med and stable enough not to be a problem in the bay you can go as far as Port Said on her in two weeks.

Dont know about shedule but if budget allows upgrade to Caronia or Princess grills, service is second to none.


2nd November 2005, 09:18
I may well be biassed, but you can't go wrong with any P&O cruise. I would also suggest sailing from the UK. Weather in April here may not be too great as Jeff pointed out, but it may not that grand in the Med either. Have been there in April when it has been better here. At the end of the day, you don't need to worry too much about weather on a cruise especially a large ship with so many facilities you won't have time to fit everything in AND sun bathe!. Saga or Fred Olsen has smaller ships which some people like as they are more friendly, but for a first timer I would suggest P&O or Cunard of course from this country. Fly cruising can also be very tiring for some people missing shipboard time getting over the flight which includes hanging around at airports. Why go through all that tiring travelling when you can step straight onto the ship on your doorstep?!. David

Paul UK
2nd November 2005, 09:43
Here Here David

I have done both and prefer leaving from Southampton.

Of course you do a longer cruise with P&O 21 days to the Carribbean and Back.