Suez Canal

Tai Pan
4th May 2010, 11:36
BBC have been in touch with the Radio Officers Association. they doing a programme on the ships caught up in the Canal. Agapenor and Melampus. Any body connected with them, the address is [email protected]

Graham McMorine
14th July 2010, 14:41
On 22nd June 10, John Hughes & myself were interveiwed by Karen Gregor, with a view to putting out a programme entitled " Yellow Fleet" which will go out on radio 4 sometime in November. The organizing of this has taken well over 12 months by Karen as she initially had to have our approval, the bbc approval, and find someone who would front the programme. I`m pleased to say that she secured the services of Mr. John Snow.
When I receive the date the programme goes out I will willingly ensure that this site will be the first to know.

Best regards to all, Graham.

wireless man
11th September 2010, 13:35
Any further news on the broadcast of this program ?

Phil Saul
11th September 2010, 22:48
Karen Gregor emailed me to say the programme is being broadcast on 10 November @ 1100 and would be on the internet for a week following the broadcast.

Regards Phil (Thumb)

Phil Saul
14th September 2010, 20:16
To gain access to the Internet to listen to this progamme from November 10 go to

Regards Phil (Thumb)