LOUISIANA (oil tanker, 1937)

2nd November 2005, 11:21
Here is my current project, the American oil tanker LOUISIANA of 1937. She did not last long, being torpedoed in the war, but her sister ships, RHODE ISLAND & FLORIDA, were still around in the 1960s.


2nd November 2005, 16:40
Another photo when she is finished Robert.

4th November 2005, 10:49
Here is an update. I am now assembling the 'midship structure. Soon be finished now. Because it is only made from bits & pieces, the total cost of materials for the model itself is about 1 and that was for the brass tube & rod for masts, deck machinery and funnel. The main expense is the clear acrylic for the display case which is about 2 per square foot and the metal fittings for the carrying case.