Search for Book - out of Print .

9th May 2010, 16:58
My search for a historical record has been achieved ! I traced a publication to GREEN Ltd NauticalBooksellers by using the Web to find a copy of " An Agony of Collisions" by Peter Padfield the well known maritime author. It was in accepatanble condition which gave the story of the sinking of ss.SHILLONG ( P& O Cargo Ship in 1957) in the Gulf of Suez after a tanker the POROFINO CONGO was in colliision with her . As SHILLONGS fourth officer i found the story was detailed and comparitively accurate. Strangely l have since discovered only recently that an old friend was Third Mate (O.O.W ) at that time on a BP Tanker which stood -by off Ras Gharib during the sinking. He told me he attended the first enquiry held in Port Tewfiq to confirm the wreck position soon after the disaster - i was unaware of this until now after 50 years gone by! The Report is worth reading if you can find it .... but it never mentionned what happened to the 16 Racehorses which were carried on deck in stalls. I like to think they were humanely destroyed ! It was a long time ago ! greyman14(Applause)