Conventional Tankers

15th May 2010, 10:11
I'm an ex tanker man, sailed with BP in the 60s - 70s
On occasion we used to come across a Tanker that was painted grey from Funnel to boot topping. I can't recall the ensign, nor do I recall the name, as far as I remember she had no number on the bow or side.
She looked very much like a conventional crude carrier of the day, had all aft accommodation, and no gantry gear for RAS.
She was similar in looks to BPs British Centaur (70s) or the British Admiral (70s)
I don't recall anything military looking about her except for her grey paint.
Can you tell me if she was in fact RFA or just a tanker that found a job lot of grey paint somewhere? (Thumb)

15th May 2010, 11:03
You are probably thinking about the Dale class RFA tankers- very similar looking to the BP C Class- pictures of Derwentdale and Dewdale in the RFA gallery. Apparently they RAS'd astern and so did not carry conventional RAS gear.

15th May 2010, 15:16
Many Thanks Steve. Those were the ones.
I didn't realise that they could RAS from astern.
Intresting threads along with the pictures as well.
I learned something today. Ta! :o

17th May 2010, 23:44
They were "Mobile Reserve Tankers" whose main function was to refill RFA RAS Tankers using the other ship's abeam rigs.