Lifeboat was it from Alfred Holt ship?

26th May 2010, 13:37
Hi Friends,
The thread content below was posted on research forum, and it has been suggested that ACH could have come from a Blue Funnel ship . The ship was broken about the years noted and I guess lifeboats etc. sold off by Staniland.
There are no other markings, so hope that breaking period might short list if nothing else.
Thanks Alvin

This is a repeat of same thread content from a year back, but have been busy rebuilding internal cabin & deck and 1963 Lister 3 cyl air diesel. This double diagonal mahogany 25 ft boat was built in Dec 1942. She was bought in late 50's early 60's from a ship breaker near Peterborough in East Anglia
from a company called Staniland. I contacted Staniland Marina near Doncaster who said that the old records of 50/60's trade were thrown away. I had previous feedback that said the letters ACH carved on the bow along with ACC411aprrox cubic capacity , 41 persons,12-42 and were the shipping company initials, I thinks it was Arthur Holtz or similar. If anyone can confirm this, I will be very happy and hopefully find out which ships or ship was broken up around late 50's. This will fill in some blanks to be able to write a short history about her when she is finally seaworthy again.
cheers Alvin

The Dog
9th July 2010, 14:21
Picture is of standard GP Admiralty Launch. To small for a lifeboat would have been
Blenheim's workboat. The official Admiralty boat Number is cut into the side of the stempost and may be ACH411 and usually refers to the contract under which the boat was built so may be contract 1 1941. Contact the Small Ship Branch of the World Ship Society in Plymouth with boats detals and theymay be able to give you a fuller history.