Lifeboat from Achilles?

1st June 2010, 10:57
Hi Again,
Should helped any possible feedback, in that Riversea who replied to my thread on research, suggested that ACH on bow may have been Achilles built 1920 and became naval Blenheim in 1940 and broken in 1948. 18679

1st June 2010, 13:36
The info in regards to the vessel "Achilles" becoming a Naval vessel in 1940 may "have legs" as the possible builder of the boat (Staniland) were noted for their double diagonal style of build for the various War Department's and it is possible that the old clinker built style lifeboat which had been fitted was discarded for what was a more military and stronger style build of lifeboat which will take the Naval style way of launching (drop) via the Robinsons Disengaging Gear.

3rd June 2010, 09:58
Hi Geordie Chief,
Thanks for your input, would be great to have a photo of Achilles 1920 to 1940 & as Blenheim 1940 onwards any suggestions.
Cheers Alvin

3rd June 2010, 19:24
Alvin, if you can get hold of a book called "Warships of of World War Two " there is a picture of the "Blenheim" in it. However it is not a good picture in regards to giving a clear view of the Lifeboat's Regards.

The Dog
9th July 2010, 14:13
Picture is of standard 23ft Admiralty Launch. To small for a lifeboat would have been
Blenheim's workboat

9th July 2010, 14:33
If the boat was built in 1942 and the Achilles was renamed in 1940, why would anyone stamp it ACH?
Pics of ACHILLES ( and BLENHEIM ( but I fear the connection is tenuous.