freda w.borrelly

12th June 2010, 05:37
Sailed on these two coasters mid eighties fine little ships.Only four of a crew but everyone mucked in had a great time hard work doing three runs a week to various dutch ports and back mainly to ports usually round the humber &the wash .Any memories?

ray bloomfield
18th June 2010, 10:58
Relieved Kevin on the Freda W, spotless little ship and very well maintained by the crew with good support from Jack Whiting the owner.
Borelly ??? heap of scrap, more problems than enough, with no support from owners, profit before safety, motorman thought he was a chief engineer with brilliant knowledge, he disconnected the e/r bilge alarm because when ballast free it used to go off and one time overnight in Leith the end of the oil cooler fell off ( no internal sacrificial anodes fitted to main engine, they were in his cabin) engine room filled up to top of main engine. I got called back from leave because the marine superintendant couldn't even be arsed to go to her ! Total disaster from day one with those particular owners and they never paid me all I was due either. This was after Jack sold her I must add.

19th June 2010, 17:39
Hi Ray was on with Kevin he liked to keep his ship up to scratch,enjoyed my time on her used to do the ballesting with Kev for a bit of extra cash.yes Borelly was'nt much cop. In Middlesborough crane knocked one of the beams into hatch then derailed the hatch itself. After that thought it was time to get off. Still had some good times on the coast speciallty tied up at Parkarda in holland waiting for loading orders

ray bloomfield
19th June 2010, 21:32
I had fun at Middlesbro too, but with the MCA. Everything was wrong. In the end I told the Asian surveyor I had something for him, I fetched my tickets and threw them at him and said 'thats it, I've had enough an going home'. He turned nice then and gave us a clean bill of health apart from needing the charts either corrected where possible or replaced asap. I was only relieving on her then. Good times at Parkade were the norm but not the last time I was there abt 3 mths ago, we were gassed and robbed and I lost 650 abt. Worst headache I've ever woken up with.

24th March 2013, 18:08
ray iwas gassed and robbed by a gang of blacks in1988 in balflour both lew pippett and myself gave us one hell of anheadache terrible cant have agood night ashore now without getting robbed nothing like that ever happened to us in wells every body came back for a few scoupes never ever locked the cabin
in say ing that we were robbed one day in grimsby during the day skiboo
bob angus

jim egan
12th September 2013, 21:29
Hi Anyone know what happened to Ron Hakins,that use to work for Jack Whiting around that time. Myself on Alice/Emily P.G. Ron was on them for a while,late 70s early 80s. Regards Jim Egan