5th November 2005, 20:59
'Astoria' a regular caller to Oban along with the similar 'Astor' is seen anchored during a in Summer 2004 visit with CalMac's ferry 'Isle of Mull' outbound to Craignure on left.

(Hope the panoramic image works ok! At max.width of 800 pixels)

5th November 2005, 22:01
Wow! Nice panoramic.

24th September 2009, 12:52
Astoria Showing up on AIS in Swansea of all places, wonder if any members in that area got a picture of here there. ? A local report says that she is there for trials and inspections prior to being re-fitted as Saga Pearl II


fred henderson
24th September 2009, 13:09
Saga bought her "as lying" in a bankruptcy auction, so they will need to quantify the work to be done to bring her into their fleet.

Fred (Thumb)