Coastguard stations looking for RIVER DART

6th November 2005, 12:11
Coastguard Stations on the west coast of England and the Republic of Ireland assisted Holyhead Coastguard to search for a small coastal vessel, whose whereabouts was causing concern to its owners, River Sea Trading late this afternoon.
The owner had contacted Holyhead Coastguard at 3:46pm and expressed concern at not being able to contact the crew on board the ‘River Dart’. The ship’s crew consisted of a British Master and Mate and two Latvian crew, all experienced sailors. The vessel had been at anchor off Colwyn Bay in North Wales for a number of days and was believed to have sailed yesterday heading for Falmouth to change crew today and then on to Northern France. The 50 metre vessel was 499 grt with a single hatch and was in ballast.
“Due to the nature of the concern expressed by the owner we conducted a search to ascertain if the vessel had been logged or whether it could be detected by AIS (Automatic Identification System). We involved Liverpool, Milford Haven, Dublin, Swansea and Falmouth Coastguard in assisting in the search. Broadcasts to shipping were put out via VHF and DSC, but there was no response. The vessel eventually responded to a broadcast from a Nimrod at 20,000ft, and confirmed all was well. The vessel was 30 nautical miles south west of the Smalls (north end of the Bristol Channel) and making slow progress towards Falmouth due to the weather conditions.
This incident highlights the effectiveness of broadcast action taken by a Nimrod aircraft at 20,000 feet and all Coastguard stations are pleased the outcome to the search has proved positive with the crew safe and well.”

Here seen in better days approaching Berwick,picture, I believe is © by Ian Willett, have seen her before in a book.

6th November 2005, 13:03
Nice to hear that the crew are safe and well.

6th November 2005, 13:30
Must be like being in a washing machine,as their is quite a bit of ground sea in the bristol Channel at the moment,and the only shelter in this neck of the world in westerlys is lundy island,next stop lands End.

6th November 2005, 17:06
Glad it wasn't me out there in a bathtub that size in the winds we have had in the Bristol Channel the last couple of days. Good to hear the outcome


william dillon
6th November 2005, 21:59
I'll Second that.

7th November 2005, 07:07
was in the sister ship, River Tamar, a few years agoand found her to be agood sea ship.

7th November 2005, 08:16
Thanks for the image Ruud. I was SMC for this incident and whilst I had a description of the vessel, I had no picture to go on. I was very pleased that the vessel responded to the broadcast from the Nimrod, as otherwise we would have had a very extensive search on our hands.

7th November 2005, 15:13
I have a shot of the River Tamar on the stocks at builder J.W. Cook, Wivenhoe. See:

My memory isn't great nowadays, but I think both ships were orignally built for a grain trader. I can't remember which, however.


7th November 2005, 15:46
Ahoy Phil,

In my memory, they were built for General Freight Co.Ltd, the Tamar was built at James W Cook-Wivenhoe, and the Dart was a Danish product; Norsøvaerftet-Ringkøbing

7th November 2005, 16:22
Hi Ruud,

Yes, you're right. Your memory is better than mine, General Freight Co., who were part of the huge Unilever group.


7th November 2005, 21:08
Hard part of the broadcasts on VHF: glad alls turned out okay: thanks for update Ruud Peter